What Features Should Good Car Trackers Offer?

When shopping around for the best car trackers for your business, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for in order to ensure you get the right car tracker systems for your vehicles. Below are some of the important things to consider when researching car trackers –

Car Trackers That Supply Real-Time Data

Real-time data is an important feature for car trackers.  It offers live car tracker data, including the location of the vehicle, the speed it is travelling at and other important information right at your fingertips. All of this data can be accessed from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet browser.  Having access to real-time statistics enables you to react quickly to any changing circumstances that may be highlighted via the data.

Can Car Tracking Systems Be Tailored to Meet My Requirements?

A good supplier of car trackers should be able to offer bespoke, specifically designed tracking systems that can meet the unique requirements of clients in a whole variety of sectors.  Many companies offer solutions for businesses in both the private and public sector, so finding a suitable supplier of car trackers should not be a problem.  This is a good question to ask vehicle tracking suppliers when comparing quotes.

Using Vehicle Trackers To Monitor Driver Behaviour

The addition of car trackers can help your business to curb bad driving practices like excessive breaking, speeding, and going off route.  Certain systems can give detailed information on other factors, such as engine idling and vehicle speed. Being able to monitor driver behaviour with car trackers could help to reduce maintenance costs and improve fuel economy.

Reducing Administration

The addition of car trackers can help to automate time-consuming administration tasks like the filling in of mileage forms and time sheets, giving you more accurate figures and leaving staff free to concentrate on other tasks.

Car Tracking Compliance

Always make sure that the car trackers provided by your supplier can ensure that your business is compliant with government tax guidelines and the ‘Duty of Care’.

Can Car Trackers Be Used Covertly?

They can.  Some companies have started making covert car trackers alongside their standard systems.  If you would rather use standard equipment is it best to make sure that the car tracking devices are as discreet as possible.

Integration With Other Applications

Some car trackers can be integrated with other applications that help your business to work smarter.

Improving Customer Service with GPS Tracking Systems

Because of the built in GPRS systems in most car trackers, it is possible to greatly improve your customer service by installing car tracking devices in your company vehicles. These built-in systems enable you to know the exact whereabouts of a vehicle that is en-route to a destination.  You can then use this information to estimate how long it will take to reach its destination and this can then be communicated to your customers, who will appreciate being told the estimated time of arrival of your vehicle in advance.

If you are having any trouble finding the right suppliers of car trackers for your business, Companeo, should be your next port of call.  They will match your criteria with suitable suppliers, who will then call you with a free quote on car trackers for your business.

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