Finding the best GPS Tracking Devices

When shopping for GPS tracking devices, it can be very difficult to choose. After all, with the huge range of options on offer, choosing a device that is right for the needs of your business requires some effort. Devices generally fall into three categories:

gpsGPS Data Logger

This is a battery-powered device that simply logs its location via GPS. It has no capacity for sending this data to you in real-time. As such it needs to be connected to a computer to upload data. However,
the lack of wireless uplink means these GPS tracking devices don’t involve paying a monthly fee. These are most useful for analysing and optimising vehicle routes to save time after the fact.

Battery-powered Real-Time GPS Tracker

This battery-powered device not only logs location via GPS, it also wirelessly transmits its location to a software- or web-based interface. These GPS Tracking Devices confer all the advantages of the logger, with the added advantages that come with real-time updates – you can track assets and vehicles that have been stolen or gone missing, cutting insurance premiums, and you can receive alerts as the vehicle leaves pre-defined zones. There is, however, a monthly fee associated with these devices as they rely on the same data network as mobile phones.

Hardwired Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices

These are the most powerful GPS tracking devices. However, unlike the other two types, these do require some installation, as they run off the battery of the vehicle. These devices can also monitor variables like whether or not the vehicle’s engine is on, how sharply the driver brakes, and other factors that influence things such as fuel efficiency. They also greatly increase vehicle security, as they can be covertly installed very easily – so whenever the engine turns on, you know where the vehicle is. In fact, several models use a backup battery, which means that you can continue tracking for dozens of hours after a vehicle has been turned off.

International GPS Tracking Devices

Some businesses – perhaps your own – require or would benefit from tracking services that work beyond national borders. Some GSM-based tracking services allow roaming for an extra charge, but the gold standard in international tracking are satellite-based GPS tracking devices. These are the most expensive option amongst all tracking devices, but they set absolutely no limit on the location you can continue tracking from.

As important as the tracking device itself are the associated services that come with it. Some software is designed to perform some tasks better than others – for example, a long-range haulage company would not want to use the same software as a company engaged in “final-mile” delivery services. Fill out our quick and simple form as a first step in finding out the range of GPS tracking devices and services available. It will give you a better idea of which companies provide the GPS tracking service closest to your requirements, and who might be able to provide a bespoke service to fit your needs.

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