How do I maintain my vehicle tracking system?

Vehicle tracking units are reliable because they use satellite or other systems as their basis of operation.

Realtime GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most effective ways of tracking your vehicle or fleet, with instant data telling you the location, speed, and status of your vehicle.

GPS tracking companies that install systems can offer a maintenance program for GPS vehicle tracking units – and most companies offering GPS tracking solutions will have a package or deal that includes maintenance.

Companies like RAM offer free software and hardware upgrades as part of their deals on vehicle tracking units.

Vehicle tracking units that are smallscale or handheld may require simple maintenance steps to keep them fully functioning, without the expense of a maintenance package when you buy them.

Vehicle Tracking Units – basic maintenance

  • If your device is battery operated, make sure you check and charge the batteries regularly – this also includes the batteries if you download from a tracking unit to mobile phone
  • Battery-life usually lasts for a week if the GPS system is used for a couple of hours daily – re-charge or keep a spare battery before the unit runs low
  • Companies like Garmin offer repairs under warranty, so check the details of these when you buy your vehicle tracking unit
  • Many deals offer free hardware and software upgrades for your vehicle tracking device so make sure you source a quote for this when researching your purchase
  • If your car or fleet is travelling outside its normal area – especially if travelling abroad – check the satellite coverage for that area. GPS and similar systems are global systems but coverage in some areas may be weaker.

To find a deal on a vehicle tracking device that offers or includes maintenance of your GPS vehicle tracking system, fill the form at the top of this page to get  free quotes and source the best deal for your car or fleet.

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