Why Would You Need Real Time Vehicle Tracking?

The advent of cheap and effective GPS and wireless technology has provided driver-reliant businesses with unparalleled control over their vehicle fleets. Vehicle tracking can revolutionise the way you do business, with customers being served faster and cheaper than ever before. At least – that is the promise, but how does real time vehicle tracking do that for you? Just have a look at all the benefits that one of these systems could bring to your business and see if you could make use of one of these solutions.

Real Time Vehicle TrackingReal Time Vehicle Tracking Advantages

  • Instantly see your fleet of vehicles over the web. Is a valued customer getting antsy on the phone over a priority package? You can tell them exactly where the delivery driver is.
  • Improve punctuality and productivity for both vehicle and driver. Your driver-reliant business can only profit by as much as your driver produces. With real time vehicle tracking you will be able to analyse every shift for potential productivity gains, and be able to more effectively incentivise your drivers accordingly.
  • Save on fuel. That route that looked quick and direct on the map might actually result in hours of idling in heavy traffic, wasting fuel – and money. Now you can instantly see where the bottlenecks in your routes are, and change your practices. Additionally, your system can tell you whether or not a vehicle’s ignition is on – so you can tell which drivers idle the engine in heavy traffic, rather than switching it off.
  • Slash insurance premiums and improve vehicle security. If a vehicle is stolen you will be much more likely to recover it, and much more quickly – within the same day even. Your insurance premiums will fall, and “Real Time Vehicle Tracking” stickers on a vehicle provide something of a deterrent to thieves.
  • Check timesheets and claims for overtime. You can now see in real time where your drivers are going, and therefore corroborate timesheets and overtime.
  • Control non-business vehicle usage. Drivers using vehicles for non-business purposes costs you money, both in fuel and in service charges. It may also affect your insurance status. With real time vehicle tracking, you can now know if your vehicles are not where they are supposed to be.
  • Provide an even better service to your customers. Now you can give automatic real time text message or email updates to customers on the status of their delivery.

Succeed With Real Time Vehicle Tracking

This has hopefully demonstrated just some of the many ways real time vehicle tracking can change your business for the better. Different vehicle tracking companies will offer different products and services, so it’s well worth shopping around. Just fill out our simple online form, and you will receive quotes from a wide variety of service providers. Not only will you get a broad idea of the cost of these services, but you can also narrow down your requests for further information to  real time vehicle tracking suppliers who seem most in tune with the needs for a business like yours.

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