How Satellite Tracking Systems Work

satellite tracking systemsThe amount of technology in our day to day lives is almost beyond belief, but it is not just restricted to mobile phones, computers and the internet. More and more people are beginning to take advantage of all the benefits that satellite tracking systems can bring. From increased efficiency to better supervision of drivers to lower insurance premiums to better customer service, satellite tracking systems are very valuable tools. Of course, just because a piece of technology is popular it does not mean that it is well understood. Have you ever wondered just how it is that these devices work? While the technology itself is complex, the basis behind it is not difficult to grasp.

Satellite Tracking Systems : the science behind the system

There are three main devices necessary for the accuracy and function of the system.

  • Satellites in Earth’s orbit
  • A tracking device in the vehicle
  • A computer system that receives the data.

The GPS device in the vehicle needs to be able to receive information from at least four satellites to determine its precise location. This is not a difficult criterion to meet, as there are many satellites in earth’s orbit. Sometimes satellite tracking systems may not work as well as usual due to the satellite systems being blocked. This most commonly occurs today when the vehicle goes underground or into a tunnel. In the past satellite signals could also be disrupted by such commonplace things as tall trees and buildings. Fortunately, technology has advanced to such a stage that the effects of such obstructions no longer disrupt the systems.

Once the tracking device receives this information and calculates its position it sends the information via a datalink to satellite tracking systems computers. Complex mathematical algorithms and computer programs then convert this data into information that the owner of the device can use. The owner of the device can then log on to the system to see a clear representation of this data such as the route the vehicle took, any time spent idling and so on. Many such systems allow the user to see the progress of their vehicle in real-time, so that they can effectively supervise drivers from a remote location. Some companies even offer extra supervisory elements with their satellite tracking systems such as the ability to message drivers through the system, notifications of the ignition turning on or off, unauthorised deviations off the standard route and so on.

Find the Best Satellite Tracking Systems for You

This technology is invaluable to many individuals and businesses, and as such there are a variety of different suppliers and providers out there to choose from. Each different supplier has their own positives, negatives and special features that they offer and so it can be difficult to choose between the various options. If you are considering investing in satellite tracking systems just use our simple form and you will soon be given a whole host of different options with a variety of free quotes. It’s quick, simple and well-worth it!

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