Do I need separate insurance for a vehicle tracking system?

Many insurance companies now require vehicles to be fitted with vehicle tracking systems, especially in the case of expensive cars or business vehicles.

Business vehicle tracking is now an accepted part of business fleet management, however, and therefore it is important to find business vehicle tracking insurance to suit your needs.

Business Vehicle Tracking Insurance

  • Business vehicle tracking can significantly reduce insurance costs – and proof that you have installed a GPS tracking device in your business vehicle could reduce your insurance premium by around 10-15%
  • Insurance companies will often offer pay-as-you go insurance or reduced premiums for vehicles fitted with GPS tracking systems that are driven to a curfew by a less experienced or younger driver, for example.
  • When it comes to insuring your GPS vehicle tracker system, it may be that separate cover is required – or that the company you buy your vehicle tracking system from will include insurance cover in the deal
  • GPS tracking insurance for the actual unit fitted in your vehicle may be also covered by business or homeowner’s insurance or contents insurance, but it is best to clarify this with your insurer – especially if your contents insurance has a single item limit that would not cover the cost of your GPS vehicle or fleet tracking system.

A whole range of ‘best’ vehicle tracking insurance deals can be sourced from companies online – but the easiest way to ensure that the GPS tracking system you purchase for your vehicle is properly insured is to obtain free quotes from our suppliers by completing the online enquiry form.

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