Buyer’s Guide – Trackers for Cars

Why Invest in a Vehicle Tracker?

There are a variety of reasons to invest in vehicle trackers for cars.  Some of the most popular amongst business car tracker customers are –

  • To improve the utilization of vehicles
  • To improve the safety and security of the mobile workforce
  • For the improvement of efficiency amongst the workforce
  • To help reduce unauthorized and unnecessary journeys
  • To deliver an improved customer service

Choosing the Right Tracking Systems Supplier

There has been a marked increase in companies that supply trackers for cars in recent years. On the surface, many of these companies may seem as though they offer a similar vehicle tracker service, but if you look a little closer there are many quite obvious differences in the service and functionality of these companies. A measure of experience in the trackers for cars industry is always helpful, as suppliers may not always completely understand your needs without the relevant experience in the market. It is always a good idea to ask the company in question how long they have been supplying trackers for cars and whether or not they can provide contacts or references that you can speak to yourself.  This will help you to gauge how well suited they are to your company’s needs. Any good supplier of trackers for cars should not hesitate to give you this information.

How to Make the Most of a Vehicle Tracking System

Every business that decides to invest in trackers for cars has its own specific set of objectives and requirements. Most car tracking systems can offer basic functionality that will often include vehicle location and historical journey information, but sometimes this is not enough. There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to trackers for cars, as well as many forward thinking companies who are able to deliver a lot more than others, so it is important to do your research making a firm decision.
Automated and powerful fleet management data can be readily available at your finger tips – this enables to improve the operational efficiency of your business and the productivity of the drivers in your fleet.  Trackers for cars can also help reduce the administrative burden on your business.

Popular Features Offered by Tracking System Suppliers

  • Driver timesheet reporting – this can be a useful tool as it can potentially reduce the work and time required by the driver and the admin team of your business to produce accurate time sheet information, as the GPS tracking systems eliminate the need for manual time sheets.
  • Live car tracker alerts – these can be set up so you can be alerted to any non compliance issues from your drivers in real time.
  • Driver compliance reporting – this provides an easy way of identifying whether or not your drivers are adhering to the working practices that you expect of them. This is likely to include early finishes, late starts and out of hour’s usage of the tracked vehicle.

If you would like to discuss trackers for cars with a supplier, Companeo is a great place to start.  They can help you get free, no-obligation quotes for tracking systems from suppliers who match your requirements.

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