How Truck Tracking Could Save You Money

In today’s economy it is highly important to keep costs to a minimum. One great way to cut your costs and save money is to use truck tracking in your vehicles. With these systems satellite tracking records the journeys of your vehicles for you to analyse later, as well as letting you see their progress in real time. Check out the benefits below.

Truck TrackingTruck Tracking Benefits : Cost-Savings

  • Lower Insurance premiums: A small difference in the price of your insurance premiums can add up to a big saving over the months. These truck tracking systems can often net you a discount on your insurance premiums as it makes the vehicle easier to recover should it be stolen. As well, you decrease the chances that you will need to make a claim and suffer higher premiums, so you save coming and going!
  • More Efficient Drivers: Everyone knows the cost to business of drivers taking personal details, going on unauthorised breaks when they should be working, or even padding their mileage. Truck tracking makes all these problems a thing of the past – after all the satellite will not lie. You can even get notifications if a driver goes off their route or idles for too long so that you can quickly deal with the problem.
  • More Efficient Procedures: Rather than having warehouse staff waiting around for trucks to arrive, you can use your system to accurately time their preparation, so they are ready exactly when they need to be. You can monitor deliveries and let customers know when to expect their delivery. Is a particular driver less efficient than others? Use your truck tracking to target your retraining budget where it is needed.
  • More Efficient And Economical Routes: by looking at past data you can see which routes are the least efficient. You might find that depending on the time of day, a longer route is actually faster, as it avoids busy roads. Once you have made action plans based on this analysis, you can compare the data from before and after your initiative to see whether or not it has been effective. If not, you know that you need to make changes elsewhere. Either way, you can accurately assess your successes and failures for greater awareness.

Compare truck tracking companies

While truck tracking can definitely save you money, you need to maximise the benefits by making sure that you choose the very best and most-cost effective provider. So, you want to save money but you just don’t have the time to call up all the different companies and discuss their options, or visit every single website to see how you can save. Don’t worry, you can still find out all your choices. Our online form is simple and quick to complete. You will then be provided, for free, with various different quotes that give you the chance to compare different options for truck tracking. Not bad for five minutes effort!

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