Would a van tracker still work abroad?

Global positioning systems work using satellite systems – and the key is in the phrase ‘global positioning’. Not only do vehicle and van tracking systems locate the position of a vehicle, they are also designed to operate globally using satellite technology from space.

However, the costs for roaming may be more expensive for using your GPS vehicle tracking system abroad and this is a factor to consider when budgeting for your commercial fleet management system.

Van Tracking – roaming abroad

  • Consider the regions your GPS tracking equipment will need to operate in when considering buying your system and factor any roaming costs into your budget
  • GPS van tracking is crucial for companies whose fleet vehicles travel overseas to improve security of both vehicle and driver
  • Many mobile phones with GPS capability are operational overseas and a van tracker will function in just the same way unless there is interference from a source that may block the frequency
  • Many vehicle tracking systems – including van tracking systems – are also being adjusted to respond to GPS and other networks, such as GLONASS
  • When abroad, your vehicle or van tracking equipment will operate on the radio frequency of the nearest satellite in the GPS system. The information can then be either downloaded manually or automatically according to the type of van tracker you have.

If you need any further advice about using a van tracker or vehicle tracker abroad, fil the form at the top of this page to obtain free quotes for systems that offer roaming tariffs and mapping when overseas.

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