Payment and Finance Options for Van Trackers

Finance Options for Van Tracking

Van tracking devices and software are designed to provide businesses with a substantial return on investment by saving them more money than the purchase cost of the van trackers. For companies that are concerned they may not have enough capital to purchase the van trackers outright, many tracking suppliers have a whole range of funding options that make van trackers an affordable investment for companies of all sizes.
Purchasing van tracking devices outright is inevitably a popular option for companies that have the capital readily available to purchase the systems in this way. Most suppliers will only charge for the installation and hardware in advance – software access and data airtime will normally then be charged on a monthly subscription basis.  When it comes to the software that supports your vehicle tracking devices it is always worth checking whether upgrades and technical support are included in the price or whether these will incur additional costs.
An alternative way of purchasing van trackers is to lease your equipment. The benefit of this method is that it breaks the overall cost of van tracking up into smaller monthly installments over a fixed term, usually between 24-60 months.
When comparing quotes from suppliers of van trackers, you may notice that many have started offering more innovative purchase options so ensure that vehicle tracking remains obtainable for companies who are looking to introduce these systems to their business.

Payment Options for Van Trackers

With suppliers of van trackers steadily reducing their prices over recent years, there has never been a better time to invest in GPS tracking systems.  When rising fuel prices are taken into consideration, many business owners appreciate the benefits that being able to manage their fleet with increased efficiency – something that is made simple once they have found the ideal vehicle tracking system to match their requirements.
Businesses that are seeking a tracking system for their company have a whole range of funding options for their purchase that are provided by the tracking supplier.
Leasing van tracking devices has often been one of the more popular payment options for van trackers due to the small monthly payments that are involved. Many suppliers do not require you to put down a deposit, which can prove to be quite advantageous although many van tracking rental companies do charge administration fees, which will normally just form part of the first monthly installment that you pay.
The new ‘Pay as You Go’ scheme may be worth looking into as a viable option for your company, as this method only requires one upfront payment, followed by an ongoing monthly subscription for a minimum term covering a three month period. This purchase option should definitely be considered by companies that are not interested in a long term commitment of a lease but would still like to have the option of paying on a monthly basis.

To be matched with the right supplier of van trackers for your business, do not hesitate to consult the Companeo website, where you can get free quotes whilst being matched with relevant van tracking suppliers.

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