Does Your Business Need Van Tracking Equipment?

There are certain questions that must be asked before deciding whether or not your company needs to invest in van tracking equipment.  In some cases a business may feel that it is a necessity investment, pay to have van tracking equipment installed in all of the vehicles in their fleet, only to realise later that it is not really necessary. Once you have done some research and decided that your company would benefit from van tracking, there are still a few more questions that you need to ask before going ahead.

Can you rely on the data provided by the Van Tracking Equipment?

If your company is looking to base their remuneration system on the van tracking reports then it is essential to ensure that the van tracking devices that you invest in are accurate, especially if you are looking to crackdown on employee fraud. It would not look good if your company were to make an accusation of fuel theft or vehicle misuse against one of your employees, only to realise that the data from the van tracking equipment was incorrect. This would then be the last time that you would be able to use the van tracking devices for this purpose, as it would inevitably have no credibility. When you are comparing suppliers of trackers for vans, it is always recommended that you make sure that you ask detailed questions about data reliability. These might include how the data is obtained, and whether the data recorded by their tracking equipment has ever been successfully used as evidence in a criminal or civil court case.

Find a Van Tracking System that can be tailored to your requirements

There is a diverse range of van tracking equipment on the market, so finding the best solution for your business can sometimes be confusing.   If you have specific requirements, it is always worth discussing these with a potential supplier, as many can offer to adapt their vehicle tracking systems to match your individual needs.  This will help to ensure you get a car or van tracking system that does everything you need it to, without having a lot of extra features that you will never need to use.  Investing in a more bespoke vehicle tracking system may seem like a more costly option at first, but for some businesses it can provide a solution that is better value for money.

Professional Fleet Management

Much of the benefit of a van tracking system is often wasted because the companies that invest in the software don’t make the most of the features on offer, or don’t have good policies and procedures in place to begin with. A number of specialist companies that supply vehicle tracking solutions also offer driver management services, where a professional fleet manager can evaluate your existing policies and devise more effective practices, time-efficient schedules and update the HR elements of your driver management.  Other companies even offer services where an account manager can oversee the organisation of your fleet, but these services will obviously come at a premium.
If your company is interested in investing in van tracking devices, be sure to compare potential suppliers by using Companeo’s free quote service.

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