Would another vehicle interfere with mine while on the road?

GPS tracking devices operate using satellite networks and for many years were surveillance devices not available to the general public. Vehicle tracking in the public arena is not intended to be used covertly.

However, with some cheaper pieces of equipment there may be interference with realtime vehicle tracking units, which affect or block the radio frequencies of a realtime vehicle tracking device.

If such a device were operating in the area of your vehicle, it is possible that it might interfere with your GPS vehicle tracking unit by causing it to generate ‘spoof’ data.

Once again, these problems only occur with cheap vehicle tracking devices and the best way to prevent this from happening is to use a reputable vehicle tracking supplier.

Realtime Vehicle Tracking – Interference

A cheap GPS tracking device for a vehicle may be interfered with via one of the following methods:

  • Spoofers deliberately feed incorrect information to data collection points and may affect GPS tracking devices if the ‘spoofer’ was using the same frequency as your GPS vehicle tracker
  • Detectors scan the radio frequencies to detect vehicle tracking devices – they do not interfere with the automotive tracker in your vehicle, but would alert a drive unaware that a GPS vehicle tracking device was operating in a vehicle
  • Jammers operate on the same radio frequency as a GPS vehicle tracking unit and interrupt or block the frequency using white noise or other interference.

Under normal circumstances and with a high quality vehicle tracking device, another realtime vehicle tracking unit will not interfere with your GPS tracking and fleet management systems.

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