Other Things To Consider Before Investing In Vehicle Trackers

If you have been looking into the prospect of investing in vehicle trackers, it is likely that you may have already considering some of the more obvious aspects of vehicle tracking systems, such as the price and functions of the equipment and accompanying software.
However, there are a few less obvious aspects to take into account whilst conducting your research for vehicle trackers. We have outlined some of these key considerations for you below –

Installation of the Vehicle Trackers

Installation of tracking systems is a relatively simple procedure.  It often takes around 30 minutes to fully install the system into each vehicle. Most vehicle trackers will be mounted completely out of sight, often in the foot-well or inside the dashboard of the vehicle. A good technician will also ensure that all wires and evidence of the installation are hidden out of sight, so it is worth asking if this is standard procedure when consulting with a potential supplier.
Some suppliers of GPS tracking systems are more accommodating than others when it comes to fitting the vehicle trackers covertly, so be sure to check that they have previous experience in discreet installations if this is important to you. Having this done may involve the engineer having to visit the vehicles that are being fitted with tracking systems out of normal working hours, when your employees are not using the vehicle.  Not every company will have staff who are available out of office hours, so this is another thing worth enquiring about if your vehicles are only in-house during certain times.

Hidden Costs and Payment Options for Tracking Systems

When looking for vehicle trackers, there are a number of different payment options available to you, so be sure to inquire about each of them. Most vendors tend to offer either lease options or outright purchase – the former tends to have 3 or 5 year terms, but make sure that you shop around as some companies have started to offer more flexible options such as Pay as You Go vehicle trackers.
When choosing your preferred method of payment, it is of the utmost importance that your company fully understands what the costs include. Some suppliers will offer an all-inclusive price, which should include the hardware, data costs and installation, whilst others may prefer to charge separately for each of these.  Making sure you ask about all of these costs beforehand can save you a lot of trouble at a later stage.

Managing Concerns and Informing Employees

Communication with your employees should be handled with care to ensure that all parties concerned fully understand the nature and benefits of the vehicle trackers.  It is worth considering that some of your employees may not approve of the idea of vehicle trackers, but there should be no real issue unless they have something to hide. As the employer, as long as you own the vehicles being driven by your employees, you are well within your rights to fit them with vehicle trackers as it is a valid means of protecting your assets. Make sure that you communicate all of the benefits of vehicle tracking systems to your employees, such as the reduced administration, improved security, safety and the methods of dispute resolution.
Once you’re ready to start comparing quotes for vehicle trackers, Companeo can help you get started.  They offer a free service that can match your requirements with prospective suppliers who match your chosen criteria.

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