How can vehicle tracking help make my business more efficient?

Time management is one of the most important aspects of running a business, especially in economic climates when staff may be covering several roles.

Using a GPS vehicle tracking unit for vehicle tracking and fleet management is the easiest way to keep tabs on how your business is performing.

Asset tracking management is becoming more popular in all areas of business management, but if your staff are on the road, vehicle tracking and business fleet management can give you realtime updates on your vehicles’ location and progress, enabling you to plan the workload.

You can also save on fuel costs and insurance if you fit your business vehicles with vehicle tracking and fleet management systems.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management – how GPS delivers

With GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, you can:

  • Track your staff in real time
  • Track your fleet in real time
  • Adjust customers’ anticipated delivery times if necessary
  • Re-route your fleet if necessary
  • Deploy your staff and fleet in real time, according to needs
  • Monitor events and delays as they happen – traffic, vehicle breakdowns, staff breaks
  • Set up alerts so you are advised automatically of any change of plan in real time
  • Make future decisions according to the data collected from your business fleet management system
  • Use your vehicle fleet management systems to improve delivery and attendance times for your customers
  • Monitor fuel consumption and driver behaviour via your tracking system
  • Set up maintenance alerts using your vehicle management systems to ensure that your fleet is regularly serviced.

Asset Tracking Management – even more efficiency

Some companies offer remote asset management tracking systems, whereby data is relayed back to a server and the managing company processes this on behalf of the client.

Tracking software can also be used to keep tabs on your business products or even office equipment, using a barcode system that generates reports to a range of programs, including Access, Excel, Word or PDF.

Asset tracking management software is sometimes operated from handheld devices, including mobile phones. These are known as ‘data pushers’ or ‘GPS beacons‘, with a GPS system connected to a mobile phone or other device and sending data automatically.

As well as tracking vehicles, asset tracking management systems can be used to:

  • Set up and monitor Human Resources information
  • Locate files that have been archived
  • Track tools or equipment
  • Log health and safety info and checks
  • Record and update plant maintenance
  • Monitor supplies of sales presentation packs
  • Record almost any type of function or facility within your business

For more info on making your business more efficient using vehicle tracking and fleet management or asset tracking management, fill the form at the top of this page to get quotes from Agreed Suppliers.

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