Does a vehicle tracking device improve the security of a business vehicle?

Business vehicle tracking is perhaps the only way in which you can keep tabs on a vehicle automatically – and without phoning your staff to find out where they are.

Business vehicle tracking – the pros and cons

Motor vehicle tracking can bring many benefits to your business – as well as making your fleet more secure by using vehicle fleet management software:


  • Tracking normal functions: fleet vehicle tracking systems can provide you with information regarding location, speed, vehicle functions – and also enable police to trace a missing vehicle
  • Tracking unexpected events: if, for example, your truck makes a stopover and you know that your driver will be having a rest break, if the vehicle should move off suddenly or the cargo or driver’s door opens during that break, you could be alerted to this and contact your driver
  • Alerting the police: business vehicle tracking enables the police to access the frequency of GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems to locate a stolen vehicle
  • Staff benefits: your staff and drivers are protected by colleagues knowing their whereabouts without having to constantly phone the office or depot to give updates.


  • There is still some debate over whether data from business vehicle tracking systems is accurate enough to be admissible in law courts because of the potential for interference with cheap vehicle tracking systems.
  • Staff may feel business vehicle tracking is intrusive – however, point out the benefits of their whereabouts being known to colleagues, and the protection and added security this may bring.

If you need more advice about how vehicle fleet management software could make your business more secure, fill the form at the top of this page and obtain free quotes.

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