Would vehicle tracking devices interfere with my mobile phone or other devices?

Tracking a vehicle with GPS units functioning as automotive tracking devices may give rise to fears that safety or performance of the GPS system or other equipment could be compromised.

Similarly, not being able to use mobile phones in hospitals or on aircraft has given rise to an awareness that equipment that functions using networks or radio frequencies may actually be ‘dangerous’ if used in close proximity to other equipment such as aircraft navigation systems.

However, tracking a vehicle with GPS is now widespread and is becoming an increasingly common part of fleet management.

Tracking a vehicle with GPS

  • Mobile phones can be used in close proximity to other equipment – although commercial aircraft still request that these are turned off on take-off or landing.
  • Tracking a vehicle with GPS and using mobile phones in close proximity to automotive tracking devices should not be mutually exclusive
  • Many vehicle tracker devices cut car tracker cost by employing mobile phone technology – small GPS tracking often involves a GPS device and a mobile phone connected and sharing the same battery for the purpose of collecting and storing data.
  • Using GPS equipment in close proximity to other equipment should not cause interference or impair performance, unless the device is being used to block or interfere with the radio frequency, as in the case of jamming, spoofing or GPS detectors.
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