Vehicle Tracking Software

tracking softwareOne question often asked about vehicle tracking software is, “But is it value for money for my business?” Working out the total cost of ownership for vehicle tracking can be difficult. This is complicated further by the way in which many businesses fail to take full advantage of the data and features provided by their software – indeed many do not even make the right choice of vehicle tracking options for them.

Which Vehicle Tracking Software Is Right For My Business?

Vehicle tracking software primarily comes in two types – web-based and thin client-based software. Web-based software is useful if many individuals need to access vehicle tracking information from a wide variety of locations. However, it is not as fast as thin client-based software, and less secure. Thin client-based software is by far the better choice if your only need access to tracking information at a few predictable locations where you can set up the software.

Best Practices For Vehicle Tracking Software

  • Analyse different routes. By doing this you can determine which route is best, even based on time of day. A route that is most efficient during the night shift may well be very inefficient during the day. Your vehicle tracking software can play a key role in route analysis allowing you to maximise your efficiency and hence cut your costs.
  • Analyse different drivers. There may be huge differences in driver productivity that are only revealed by vehicle tracking software. You can not only see who is working less effectively, but you can also create company-wide best practice guidelines based on the practices of your best drivers. Additionally, driver incentive structures are much easier to create based on the empirical data that a vehicle tracking system gives you. You can see exactly what works and what is not working, so that you are guided by facts rather than hunches.
  • Time your deliveries better. No longer will you have to give delivery time estimates with 6 or 8 hour margins, now that you can see where on the delivery route drivers are, and you can know where they should be. Delivery timings can now be generated in real time, with text message or email updates to customers if things change.
  • Analyse driving patterns. The amount your business spends on maintenance can be reduced hugely if you manage to eliminate wear-heavy practices such as harsh braking or speeding. Now vehicle tracking software can tell you who does these things, and when.

Choosing The Right Software For Your Business

Choosing a service that’s right for your business can be tricky, with the plethora of features and options available. A good first step is to fill out our online form. It’s quick and easy, and you will soon get a list of quotes for different services from a wide variety of companies who provide vehicle tracking. It’ll give you a better idea of what kind of vehicle tracking software your firm needs, and give you a guideline as to who it is best to make further enquiries with.

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