Could Your Business Benefit from Vehicle Tracking Solutions?

You might be surprised at just how many businesses are taking advantage of the benefits that vehicle tracking solutions can bring. Just take a look at the many ways that these systems could benefit your business and you’ll see just why they are becoming so popular.

vehicle tracking solutionsThe Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Solutions

  • Lower Insurance Premiums

If a vehicle is lost or stolen then one of these systems increases your chances of finding it quickly. Not only does this decrease the chance that you will need to make an insurance claim and pay the penalty of higher premiums, it can actually decrease your costs. Many insurance companies offer discounts for those who have such systems in place due to their effectiveness in reducing claims. If you have many vehicles, even the smallest discount can build up over time to make a real difference to your bottom line. Don’t forget that the quicker you recover a vehicle, the less time you must spend on insurance claims, police reports and so on.

  • Greater Efficiency of the vehicle tracking solutions

The amount of data that vehicle tracking solutions give you allow for huge increases in efficiency. Warehouse staff can know exactly when to expect a vehicle for re-loading. You can analyse your routes to see if there are more economical or speedy options available. Perhaps you can consolidate some routes to save on costs. Potentially you need to alter your routes depending on the time of day. Better still, you can evaluate the success of new initiatives by comparing data from before and after you implemented a new practice.

  • Vehicle tracking solutions allow better supervision of drivers

Do you trust your drivers absolutely? There are many ways for unethical drivers to take advantage of their time away from the office. With one of these vehicle tracking solutions you can see whether or not your drivers are padding their mileage, making unauthorised detours, or idling when they should be working. Some systems also allow you to look at additional information such as whether the ignition is on or off so that you can tailor driver re-training where it is most needed.

  • Improved Customer Service

Have you ever had a customer phone up with an enquiry about the status of their delivery? With vehicle tracking solutions you can tell them exactly how far along the route the driver has progressed and give them more information on when to expect delivery. The more convenient you make it to do business with you, the more likely customers are to choose you over the competition.

How to Find the Best Vehicle Tracking Solutions

If the benefits listed above have made you become interested in seeking out vehicle tracking solutions, you next need to find the best system for your business. Get started by taking a few minutes to fill in our online form. You will soon have a range of different free quotes ready for your perusal so that you can more easily find the very best option for you.

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