How will I know if my vehicle tracking system is malfunctioning?

A tracking device for a vehicle is just like any other piece of equipment –
there is a life to the battery and it will need a degree of maintenance and monitoring.

If your GPS tracking device for a vehicle does not appear to be working or the data seems incorrect, either call your supplier or consider the following.

Troubleshooting a tracking device for a vehicle

  • Batteries usually last for around one week if the GPS tracking device for a vehicle is in operation for a couple of hours a day – make sure they are fully charged or carry a spare
  • A full GPS satellite system consists of 24 satellites for global coverage – GPS requires connection with three to operate and enable you to track a vehicle with GPS, so check the area you are operating in for coverage
  • Certain equipment or interference will affect vehicle location devices using GPS – jammers, detectors and spoofers which interfere with radio frequencies may cause your vehicle location devices to malfunction and data will either not be collected or there will be gaps in data
  • Depending on whether your system is active (realtime data collection and download) or passive (data collected and accessed manually), you may not realise that your system is malfunctioning – or not functioning at all, so keep checking it
  • In some circumstances, your GPS vehicle tracking system might be alerted unnecessarily – eg a car fitted with a GPS system being transported on a car ferry during might signal an alert that the car is moving under certain conditions.

If in any doubt about whether your vehicle tracking system is functioning correctly, contact your installer for advice – but check the batteries first.

Maintenance may also be included in the deal offered by your GPS tracking supplier. If you would like to obtain the best deals for a GPS tracking device for a vehicle, you can obtain free quotes filling our form on this page.

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