Would a vehicle tracking system need to be police approved or registered?

A tracking device for a vehicle is now a commercial product and in the UK vehicle tracking devices are widely and freely available from retailers and specialist companies who sell, fit – and sometimes design – GPS vehicle tracking units.

Vehicle tracking devices have only been allowed in the last 10-15 years, however, and were previously classified as surveillance equipment.

The police may register specific vehicle tracking devices in the UK for the purposes of tracing stolen vehicles, however. A tracking device for a vehicle may be fitted to a privately or commercially-owned car or fleet of cars or vans, including trucks.

There are also certain police recommended vehicle tracking devices such as the Vehicle Tracking (VTU008) and the Vehicle Tracking (VTU008) High Sensitivity Edition trackers.

Find a tracking device for a vehicle

If you are trying to source a tracking device for a vehicle, it is important to obtain as much information a possible – vehicle tracking devices in the UK offer a range of functions and capabilities, including audio features on some devices.

The police can quickly trace missing vehicles fitted with GPS tracking units or GPS truck tracking systems – and some insurance companies in the UK insist that vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking devices. This means that some vehicle tracking devices are approved by insurance companies – and even the manufacturer of your car or van may recommend a specific tracker for the vehicle.

We can help you find the right vehicle tracking device for your car or van by providing free quotes from registered manufacturers of GPS vehicle tracking devices, just fill the quick form at the top of this page.

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